Websites don't have to be expensive

Websites don't have to be do-it-yourself

We custom build websites and apps geared for the small business looking to grow.

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What are we about?

Blacktie Collaborative has built a system that allows business coaches, life coaches, trainers, teachers and e-commerce storefronts to have a fully custom system, built by developers to fit your exact editing needs, and maintained by our own team at an affordable price point.

By optimizing the process we've turned the price of hiring a custom development team and transformed them into the same prices as do-it-yourself style sites like Wix, Squarespace or New Kajabi.

No, we didn't do this by taking advantage of workers in another country like some other similar services.

We did this by simplifying processes. By shortening the path from start to finish. By focusing on what's important, clearing out what isn't, and focusing purely on results.

Attention spans are getting shorter. It takes less than 4 seconds to lose a customer (and only 5 years ago that stat was 7 seconds).

Most businesses don't need 50 pages. Most businesses need 5-10 pages, often less, a few core products, and an effective strategy to sell the heck out of them.

Most businesses need fast websites that can handle traffic.

Traffic you can afford, because you're not spending five grand on a website.

And the thing is, if you're starting a business, and you're looking to grow, the last thing you need to be spending your time on is updating your website.

What you need to be doing is spending your time marketing yourself. You need to be spending your time looking for leads, making face time with customers, following through on client calls, and converting everything in your path into a sale.

We take the heavy lifting out of your hands and we can do it at prices that you'd be paying to do it yourself anyway. Ask yourself - how much are YOU worth?

We get you your time back. We make it quick and simple, and we get things done fast.

At the bottom of this page, you'll be able to fill out a quick form that allows us to create a proposal for you. That proposal is free, and delivered within 48 hours.

Our prices start as low as $59 a month and scale with you. Every contract is negotiated to fit your needs and ours, and it won't cost you an arm and a leg.

It's time this stuff stopped being so difficult.

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Our Reviews are in

Blacktie is not the first development company I have worked with, but certainly the most knowledgeable and accommodating. From the start it was very clear we were speaking the same language; Blacktie was able to understand my needs both technical and logical and suggest efficient ways to implement solutions.

In my experience working with other developers, the one difference that stands out most about Blacktie is foresight. Other developers have always been quick to do exactly what i ask, without any thought into how it will effect my business in the future. Blacktie truly made every effort to understand not just my requests, but also my goals. I'd recommend them to anyone looking to build a business who truly cares about expansion and scalability.
Jamie Waters, Product Manager, A & C Games
The team at Blacktie are top notch professionals and really know what they are doing. They allowed me my own custom creative freedom and at the same time they had their own creative standards so it was a double win win for me. It was a painless process, super fun, and interactive. I'd recommend them to anyone looking for cutting edge technology needs and wanting to work with a personalized custom firm.
Casey Van Zandt, Owner of

Our Portfolio

Elevate The Globe

Elevate the Globe joined us nearly five years ago, starting with a user base of just over 200 users.

We've been proud to be a part of Elevate the Globe's growth. Nearing almost 25000 users, their growth has been incredible. We've been in charge of all web development, creating fully customized solutions, payment processors and more to ensure their customers get the best user experience in their industry.

Nike Sports Camps Canada - Lytton Tennis

Sports Camps Canada came to us 4 years ago with an impossible task - complete a full, 12 page design and development in less than one week.

We were able to deliver on that, and four years later the design stands, proving that even under the crunch, our eye for detail simply never lacks.

Amy Litteral

Amy uses her platform to advertise her life coaching and yoga businesses and we've been proud to be her developer for 3 years.

Amy's website required a custom membership platform, with auth for her member base, with access on both desktop and mobile, and we delivered just that.

Assistant Connect

Our new sister company, Assistant Connect, obviously needed the Blacktie touch.

We were super excited of what we produced. With strong references of design to Blacktie, we ensured there was enough variation to differential the two.

The Create Series

The Create Series has been with Blacktie for four years and needed a custom membership platform for their 40+ courses, lessons and video content.

Each part of the backend is designed specifically to our clients needs.

Slo-Pitch Price Compare

Slo-Pitch Price Compare's app and website are both designed by us. SPPC scrapes popular Canadian softball web stores for their prices, organizing everything in an easy-to-comprehend way.

Overview of our skillset

Web design and development are at the core of what we do. With a combined experience of nearly 30 years, we can take your web projects from end-to-end. We use a framework of Node.JS, MySQL and SCSS to ensure the fastest, most efficent desktop and mobile experiences.
Using React Native, we have created a variety of successful apps, performing tasks quickly and for both iOS and Android simultaenously, delivering the same experience across both platforms.
Whether it's planning your next marketing campaign, or just getting consultation on emerging trends, Blacktie can help you grow your business through effective strategies.
Running a small business, and most importantly being intro-spective about it can be tough. We can sit down, discuss your future and help create a plan to execute to help better ensure success.
We met with the Blacktie Team and gave them an extremely ambitious project to complete with an impossible deadline. I did not think it could be accomplished. But instead, the product they provided and turnaround time were beyond our expectations! When we hit a challenge, they were always able to find a solution. In addition to the clean and crisp look to our website, I was most impressed with the excellent client service they provided. I would not hesitate to recommend their services.
Shawn Reynolds, Lytton Sports Camps
Working with Blacktie has been an incredible experience so far! I am so pleased with my decision to work with them and it has made my life so much easier already! I already have more traffic, love my website and have the support I was lacking before! Their developers are very talented, responsive, and creative. My traffic has already increased and I am launching a Meditation course soon that I am confident will bring in increased revenues with the technology Blacktie created!
Britt Deanda, founder of Elevate The Globe

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Blacktie Toronto did an absolutely beautiful job for me. When my contracted designer punked out at the last minute, BT was able to take on this project. They understood my vision right away, gave me an accurate expectation for a completion date, and worked with me on edits along the way until my project looked just perfect. I couldn't be happier with this work and I will definitely work with them again on future projects. Thank you!!
Jennifer Safrey, owner of Emerald Yoga

Frequently Answered QUestions

Will I be charged for anything?

Not for the proposal. With the proposal, we will send along a suggested package from our offerings, and you can choose to have us take control of your web experience.

What is the turnaround time?

Once we've been provided with all required materials we are typically able to complete a full, mobile optimized website within a week.

What is included in my free proposal?

Your free proposal will consist of two items: a written description of our artwork decisions as well as the direction we are intending to go; and a designed single-page (usually frontpage) sample completed and watermarked.

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